ma­ria kur­zok ar­tist


At this point I would like to tell you something about my painting and my pictures. How they came into being and in what technique I paint them.  What do they remind me of when I look at them? what was my inspiration and intention? Each picture has a story. Finding out is exciting and inspiring.

Action painting

The term "action painting" is a form of non-geometric, abstract painting. This art direction is also called "self-organizing" painting. As a precursor to this painting technique, the automatism of the surreal artists can be seen, in which spontaneous painting was done in order to exclude a conscious influence of the artist and thus depict unconscious elements.

The main representative of the action painting was the American artist Jackson Pollok (1912 – 1956), who exerted considerable influence on European painting with his painting style. He developed the painting technique of "dripping". He no longer applied the paint with the brush, but let liquid paint flow onto the paint base. In the foreground is the painting process, in which the colours are spontaneously applied to the painting ground. Random elements are integrated into the process.

Action Painting refers to an immediate and dynamic painting technique that acquires its power beyond conscious influence by the artist. Therefore, no composition is created in the sense of a planned image structure. Conventional techniques in terms of colour mixing or elaboration are dispensed with. The materials are simple and reduced to the process of the paint application on the painting ground. The paint is generously and intentionally poured, dripped or sprayed onto the canvas with brushes or directly from paint pots and containers.

Action painting is characterized by dynamics, movement and the use of the body when painting. Chance is of great importance and is desirable. The physical action here allows for liberation and detachment of controls and constraints. The result is images that testify to great spontaneity and emotionality. This form of painting is well suited for loosening blocas, for children for playful introduction to color and form. And to find out your own abilities and recources. It relaxes stressed and has a meditative effect and gives a whole lot of power.